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Bergen Fire Brigade

Bergen Fire Department live streaming from Drone

Bergen Fire Department will be one of the first Fire Departments in Norway (if not the first) to go for a full digital video streaming solution from their new Drone (UAV); including digital recording, centralized storage and digital sharing of...


Allerød Fire and Rescue Service launch new vehicle

Communication challenge Allerød Fire and Rescue Service are about to launch a new purpose-built Incident Command vehicle in addition to its fleet, marking significant improvements in the delivery of Incident Command services to manage major live incidents in and...


New Incident Command vehicle for Copenhagen Fire Brigade

Copenhagen Fire Brigade recently just purchased a new Fire Brigade Package VOLVO to use as their new Incident Command Vehicle The vehicle, which operates from Copenhagen fire station in the centre of Copenhagen, is available to respond to any...

Mærsk trænings center

Maersk Training Center and Discovery Channel use incident cameras

Maersk Training Center and Discovery Channel use incident cameras INCENDIUM’s specialized Incident cameras will be used at Maersk Training Center* to help make a TV-show on Discovery Channel** about container fire. The ”shooting” will begin next week. We look...



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