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We’re experts in secure tactical streaming solution for intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement agencies.
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We help improve the communication for the Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Communities.
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Incendium provides Fire & Rescue Services with a secure platform
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Incendium delivers maritime networks and solutions to some of Europe’s largest shipping & logistics companies.
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Incendium A/S, has the expertise on development of new technologies based on secure streaming and video transmission applications since 2013.

With its technical expertise and experience, Incendium A/S, located in Denmark, designs and manufactures innovative streaming services with applications for law enforcement, emergency services and other first responders.

Incendium A/S provides overall solutions for the professional industries. Whether you are searching for a solution for drones, vehicles or body worn applications, Incendium A/S will be able to guide and assist you with a suitable and secure solution.
Our professional streaming products are made in Denmark at the Company’s facility in Klitmøller, Denmark.


  • Drone Volt
  • Sønderborg Brand & Redning
  • Beredskabsstyrelsen
  • Dansk Politi
  • Region Nordjylland
  • Københavns Lufthavne
  • Færgen A/S
  • DFDS Seaways
  • Räddningstjänsten Syd
  • United Nations
  • Bergen Brannvesen
  • Hovedstadens Beredskab
  • Incendium’s streaming solution was very well received by Statoil and has proved its value. Streaming live video from an ROV during a drilling operation will definitely set new standards within the offshore industry.

    Ocean Sar

  • ”Out of the different suppliers that we choose between, none of them came close to Incendium’s easy-to-use, high quality streaming.

    It is hands down the best.

    It is unmatched.”


  • “The streaming pack is simply impressive. During the time I have used Incendium’s streaming suite, I’ve been extremely satisfied.”

    Danish CBRN-Unit

  • ”We need streaming solutions that work where we work. Good enough to exceed our performance expectations. Rugged enough to take a beating in the process”

    Danish National Police

  • “I could simply see the things I wanted to see. The latency between what was streamed, and what I asked them, was relatively small, and it was usable. The quality was in order, and you could see details on the video. I got the impression … . in case where I needed it, it would be useful to have the video”(Quote from interview with doctor 2, in evaluation of the Project “Video Conference in ambulances in the North Denmark Region”).

    Video Conference in ambulances in the North Denmark Region


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Incendium on call for Salten Brann IKS in Norway

Incendium on call for Salten Brann IKS in Norway

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How Bergen Fire Brigade use live streaming and drones

How Bergen Fire Brigade use live streaming and drones

Dette er brannvesenets nye våpen for å slukke branner og redde liv Brannvesenets «superdrone» kan se flammer gjennom røyk,...


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