Bergen Fire Department live streaming from Drone

12 / 2014

Bergen Fire Department will be one of the first Fire Departments in Norway (if not the first) to go for a full digital video streaming solution from their new Drone (UAV); including digital recording, centralized storage and digital sharing of recordings (Gather, Share, Learn).

The entire solution is based on Incendium’s UAV streaming bag including our IncidentShare streaming platform and will ensure Bergen Fire Department will save valuable time during an incident having a “birds eye view” live and realtime to any stakeholder involved in the rescue and fire service during an incident. It will also function as accurate documentation for learning, training and educational purposes.

Bergen Main Fire station is located in the centre of Bergen, capitol city of western Norway. the Fire House is a functional and well-proportioned architectural curved building where design and innovations goes hand in hand.

In addition to an architecture with great aesthetic appeal, the building was designed to meet all needs of the daily life in the firehouse and the building is about to be equipped with yet another element of future fire fighting – UAV’s or Drone’s as they more often are referred as.

View stunning pictures of Bergen Fire House here




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