Incendium have In cooperation with Thisted Municipality and the television station TV2 and it’s weather show installed a professional camera which is streaming live video. The weather show (TV2 Vejret) can now use these live images during their show from this magnificent rural area in the North Denmark Region without the need to send a news van and a cameraman.

The images sent from this spectacular spot benefits not only TV2 but also gives the Municipality of Thisted an opportunity to promote this beautiful nature to the public and hopefully draw more tourists to the area.

Photographer Mette Johnsen

About The Lobster House

Klitmøller features a unique building along the beach promenade intended to unite the town with the sand, surf, beach and wind. The surf-culture house situated on the tip of Klitmøller’s magnificent coastline has been named “The Lobster House. It is called the Lobster House, due to the building’s former function as lobsters used to be brought in, and stocked before they were sold at auction.

The Lobster House - Klitmøller

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