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New IncidentShare app update for IOS

Version 1.1.8 of our IncidentShare™ app for IOS is ready for download in App Store. – Secure Live Streaming – Bonded network (SIM + wifi) – Full HD 1920×1080 – Online recording – IncidentShare™ Go support! Download it in...


Next generation Stream Pack mini – dual bonding

Next-Generation Body-Worn or Vehicle mounted streaming solution Provides Needed Features, Flexibility and Convenience for Law Enforcement and Fire & rescue. KLITMØLLER, December. 14, 2016 Compact Design, dual sim, bonding, Live Streaming, Built-In Communication Features and Flexible Mounting Options Help...


Repurposed Ambulance for Greater Copenhagen Fire Brigade

The first Incendium customized UAV / Drone /RPAS support vehicle is set for delivery to Greater Copenhagen Fire Department. The appliances include a high specification which a drone pilot would expect from an Advanced Technology appliance, incorporating the highest specification of IT and...


Incendium participates in EENA/DJI PILOT TEST PROGRAMME

The usage of RPAS (also known as Drones/UAVs) by the emergency services is increasing everyday but until now most drones has been develop either to the military or to hobbyists and professionals such as photographers, surveyors and safety inspectors. But...


Greater Copenhagen Fire Department with new UAVs

Greater Copenhagen Fire Department have invested in two new drones. One with zoom camera and another with a combination of both thermal and regular color camera. This brief news spot on TV2 Lorry (in Danish) also features our Incendium’s StreamPack which...


Danish Emergency Management Agency Service College increase the usage of Incendium StreamPack

Danish Emergency Management Agency Service College increase the usage of Incendium StreamPack as Live Video Technology Provider for their UAV program with the purchase of more units. Incendium StreamPack enables new and unique ways to connect the DEMA Emergency...


Drone streaming live from fire in Norway

Last week, the new radio network (110-nødnett) for fire and rescue services was deployed in Hordaland, Norway. The opening on Wednesday was marked by an exercise in Kvamstotunnelsen, Dale center in Vaksdal. Fire and rescue services in both Osterøy...


DJI drone stream live video via RTMP/RTSP

Since this was post the DJI Go app now has an option to use a custom rtmp setup, that means you can go live in minutes, incendium has created a secure platform for that, have a look at you...


Incendium Stream Pack well received

Incendium Stream Pack – 4G on Steroids  In Europe live streaming from cameras in the field is just starting up using 4G/LTE and the demand is increasing. But in terms of network coverage and rollout of 4G LTE, Europe is far behind the...



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