The first Incendium customized UAV / Drone /RPAS support vehicle is set for delivery to Greater Copenhagen Fire Department.

The appliances include a high specification which a drone pilot would expect from an Advanced Technology appliance, incorporating the highest specification of IT and mobile network infrastructure support with simple handling and the latest in streaming technology.

Incendium’s Sales Director, Asger Plæhn, commented, “The attention in which this unit already have received this far is excellent. Each and every time we introduce an concept into a vehicle it’s always new standards in terms of technology and this project is definitely no exception”.

The vehicle is an repurposed ambulance VW4x4 transporter which have been modified to support the drone pilot in Greater Copenhagen Fire Department. It now contains an UAV storage in the rear of the vehicle where also the Incendium Stream Pack is placed. All UAV’s are easily accessed together with all necessary batteries in the rear compartment.

In the middle of the vehicle is an work space for video-editing, viewing of live the live stream from the uav /drone, printing maps or drone footage. An Incendium Network Commander has been installed providing 4G mobile connectivity including secure VPN to our IncidentShare web portal enabling the pilot to monitor all video streams present at any time during an incident. In the workplace area of the vehicle an 42″ touch screen has been fitted together with a 28″ screen which are connected to a custom build Incendium pc which have the highest specs for viewing live video and video editing.

“Of course these ambulances are in fact manufactured in the hundreds but rebuilding them as UAV / Drone support vehicles as Greater Copenhagen Fire Department has decided is an excellent way of re-using equipment”

Incendium now look forward to proving the new appliances’ ability, durability and efficiency ‘on the run’ as we continue our exciting partnership with Greater Copenhagen Fire Dept.

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