Q&A – Incendium becomes Bliksund

10 / 2022

We are becoming Bliksund! Here you can read about what significance it has for you.

What happened on September 30? 

On 30 September, Incendium’s owners and Bliksund signed the last acquisition documents, which means that from that day on Incendium is 100 percent owned by Bliksund.

How will it work in practice?  

We will become a unified organization under the name Bliksund with offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In Denmark, our head office and development department remains in Thisted. We already have plans for expanding the number of employees and will secure continued services and faster customer support.  

Even though we replace a lot of practical e-things such as phone numbers, email addresses, logo, website, our customers will not notice much difference. Only a stronger organization with the size and ability to develop and make even better solutions for the benefit of our customers. 

Why have you chosen to join forces with Bliksund?  

There are many good reasons for this.  We have great desire and aspiration to grow and become even more international. This requires more muscles, and now we get those muscles by joining forces with Bliksund.  We are convinced that together we are stronger, and that it provides an opportunity to enter new markets and grow outside the Nordic region.  

In addition, we have chosen to join forces with Bliksund because this way we can ensure that we have sufficient resources to continue to innovate and develop our platform to the benefit of our customers.  With Bliksund behind us, we can accelerate product development and create innovative solutions faster.  

Another important reason why we have joined forces with Bliksund is that our software solutions complement each other very well.  The solutions will continue to live and will be integrated to the benefit of our customers. We see great potential in the solutions being used in continuation of each other  

Cross-sectoral synergy 

Like Incendium, Bliksund also specializes in providing solutions for the healthcare sector, fire brigade and emergency services. In addition, Incendium has an important part of its business in insurance. Something which will be a strategic pillar for us also in the future.  

When we embark on our growth journey in Europe, we do not have to go far beyond the border before we meet ambulance services that are closely linked to insurance companies. And on the whole, it is very common in the rest of the world for the health and insurance sectors to be interwoven. 

We can also see that the software that Bliksund has developed, with relatively few adaptations, can be used to solve many of the challenges that our current customers in the insurance sector have today. We look forward to talking to customers about this, and we look forward to help create even more value for them. 

How do we get in touch going forward?  

We will continuously inform our customers about how to get in touch, and secure a smooth transition with regards to phone numbers, email addresses, our website and social media channels.  We will make sure that during the process you are carefully informed about how to get in touch with us.  

If you have any questions regarding the transition to Bliksund, please call us at +45 7199 0396

Who is Bliksund?

Who is Bliksund?

We help those who help

Bliksund is a leading Norwegian provider of software solutions for the health and emergency services. With broad experience in the industry, Bliksund digitizes the everyday life of healthcare workers both nationally and internationally. Their digital solutions provides control, flow and overview, both in everyday work and emergency situations. Bliksund was established in 2010 and now has more 55 employees, which are located at HQ in Grimstad as well as offices in Oslo, Lund and Hanoi – and now also Incendium’s Danish offices at Thisted, Ålborg and Roskilde. For more information see www.bliksund.no 

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