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Incendium have several years of proven experience in supporting public administration. We work together with our customers to successfully optimise workflows, improve public services and to reduce costs i across several levels.

We have specific core competencies in business critical and complex Network systems, integration and service platforms. We like to take full responsibility for development, operation and maintenance.

Among some of our proven solutions we have developed a platform for live streaming to Fire, Police and Military vehicles. Without adequate communication, people involved in battling an incident can’t share valuable information about conditions or safety concerns as good by radio as by video.

We have also developed an network solution for institutions where they can store and share data securely

Decision making made simple

During a fire incident, the officer-in-charge must use a thorough and on-going size-up to make the appropriate intervening decisions. These decisions must be based on the fundamental priorities of the fire service and they include life safety protection, incident stabilization and property conservation. These decisions needs to be communicated to the Team Leaders which again needs to be communicated to the smoke-helmeted firemen.



Incendium’s Mobile Communication solution for Fire fighters provide a new layer to the traditional emergency incident communications radio system. Radio communication have always been and still is the preferred way to communicate between Fire Figthers, Central and collaborators.

With Incendium’s streaming solution we bring Fire Departments in to the digital age of communication and our solution has proved that additional communication support, as live video from an incident,  often is needed at a large or complex incident, adding digital images as supplement to the radio communication. This will increase the understanding and help speed up decision making, bringing the right equipment and attention from the start at a given incident.



Blå blink


Every year Police forces around the world respond to major public safety threats such as terrorist attacks and firearms incidents, crimes involving vehicles and public disorder, as well as preparing for and managing major public order events.  Actions taken at the outset of an investigation at a crime scene or an event can play a pivotal role in the resolution of a case.

Careful, thorough investigation is key to ensure that potential physical evidence is not tainted or destroyed or potential witnesses overlooked. While many law enforcement agencies have programs in crime scene processing, the level of training and resources available varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, as does the opportunity to practice actual investigation.



Correct visitation of the patient is extremely important in case of a sudden stroke, and it’s essential that the patient is transferred to the right specialist first time in order to avoid re-transferring. Studies shows that even if the journey initially is extended by not choosing the nearest hospital, it has less impact than subsequently having to retransfer the patient.

Introducing advanced streaming technology in the ambulance compartment, for visual diagnostics in case of sudden stroke or brain hemorrhage (Apopleksi), lets a specialist thrombolysis ward connect and enables real time examination.The thrombolysis ward provides a visual diagnosis together with the ambulance paramedics in order to find the right hospital and specialist on call at once.

Institution for anbragte børn


Incendium helps institutions such as daily care and residential care facilities with solutions to support and protect vulnerable children, young people and their families, by controlling the internet access and manage the network in the institutions.

Incendium provides both a secure Own Cloud solution with access to sensitive data through a web interface while providing a platform to view, sync and share across devices easily, all under the residential care facility’s control. The open architecture is extensible for applications and plugins and works with any storage. To comply with national legislation it’s possible to secure the internet traffic from our Incendium Network Commander, on user level or ip restriction level – in and out of the institution.

Business-Driven Consultancy

Focused counselling based on the customer’s business and the specific industry. We identify potential and create long-term and continuous results.

Project Management

The projects are expertly managed towards your goal. From small software projects to large strategic programs.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is carried out to ensure that we deliver the quality and meet the requirements that we and our customers place on the solutions that we develop.

Customers we work for:

Danish Emergency Management Agency
North Denmark Region
Bergen Fire Brigade


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