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Public Emergency Dispatchers Video System

Den nye streaming-løsningen vår kom raskt til nytte da det oppstod brann i en enebolig i dag. Den direktesendte videoen fra innringer ga 110-sentralen god informasjon om utvikling av brannen og tilkomst for brannmannskapene. Kjekt å oppleve at den nye løsningen fungerer!

Posted by Bergen brannvesen on Thursday, 25 April 2019

Callers are often distraught when calling for emergency help (1-1-0 for fire in Norway) and the dispatchers have the difficult task of both calming the caller and extracting and qualifying information. Lack of clarity of the situation and misunderstanding can lead to wrong decisions taken by the emergency dispatcher. If you have spent any time as a dispatcher or in a dispatch center during the processing of a critical emergency call you’ll understand this can be a very challenging task.

Instead of dispatching fire fighters, police and ambulances to the emergency sites with limited information, Bergen Dispatch Center (110-sentralen) now use a solution which allows them to see and assess the severity of the incident, directly via a live video footage.

Incendium A/S has developed the solution in corporation with Bergen Fire Department. The dispatch center can now target the appropriate response quickly and more precisely because of the secure live video footage from the callers mobile phone on the scene of the incident. Since there is no need for any pre-installed app, the solution works with minimal need for user interaction.

How does it work?
The emergency dispatcher sends a video invitation via Incendium’s IncidentShare solution as a short text message (SMS) and the caller receives the text message on the phone with the private link.

When the caller taps the link and accepts that the dispatcher gains access to the camera, video streaming will start within a few seconds. This will allow the dispatcher to view the live footage from the caller and therefore be able to get an situational awareness long before the first responders arrive to the scene of incident. The caller and the dispatcher can continue the conversation on the phone without any interruption.

This allows the dispatcher to prioritize and dispatch the right ressources and provide valid information to the responding first responders so they can start preparing.

Brannvesenet set inn unikt system i kampen mot flammane
Brannvesenet set inn unikt system i kampen mot flammane


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