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The vehicle, which operates on a remote island in Denmark named Anholt. Anholt Rescue Station is one of 21 rescue stations in the Danish National Coast Guard. Anholt RST is equipped with rescue boats and besides, this a sophisticated rescue vehicle.

The vehicle’s main advance is, besides a fast response time and the ability to drive in a desert (Anholt has North Europe’s biggest desert and extensive dune landscapes). communications, which allow the transfer of voice, video and data. Onboard Wi-Fi capability allows the Coast Guard to link up, as well as enabling the use of handheld devices on the incident ground.

The vehicle is equipped with a FLIR camera and a body camera from Incendium, which feed footage directly from the vehicle and can be viewed back at the Command Central and shared with Hospitals in cases where patient helicopter evacuation might be needed. Footage from the cameras is streamed onto a secure Incendium platform (IncidentShare) from so that the Fire Brigade remote from the incident can be kept fully up-to-date. This will be particularly valuable in large scale incidents.

CHASSIS: VW Transporter
DELIVERY DATE: 28/02/2013
LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark
UPFITTER: Bentzen Autokaross

Danish Defence – National Coast Guard

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