Live video streaming improves communication

The  emergency  services in  Copenhagen have  around 1000 employees  distributed between 13 different addresses in the Danish capital. The emergency services provide fire fighting support for around one million citizens in eight municipalities

Project Description

Communication under very stressful conditions is difficult,” says Magnus Mattsson, Operation Commander, Emergency Services in Copenhagen. ”It can be difficult to get all of the important information out quickly in the initial chaotic phase of a fire, and many decisions have to made quickly.”

Before contacting Incendium, emergency services in Copenhagen had a traditional system. They used radio to communicate with the internal operations center during rescue operations.

The emergency services wanted help with a streaming video solution to streamline their work. Amongst other things, the internal operations center wanted to be able to send reinforcements and to support the rapid intervention team more quickly, in the event of a need for additional vehicles and personnel.

Major support in stressful situations

The emergency services engaged Incendium, who supplies technology for streaming solutions in real time.

  • Greater Copenhagen Fire Department
  • 1000 employees
  • 1 million citizens
  • 80 vehicles

The solution has provided incredibly huge benefits and has given us completely new opportunities to streamline our work so that we can save more lives,” says Magnus Mattsson, Operation Manager at Greater Copenhagen Fire Department.


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💡In case you haven't noticed it's possible in the DJI Pilot app 🚁 to lower and raise the bitrate while streaming to your IncidentShare platform to ensure a more reliable stream.

🎥 When it comes to video streaming, bitrate is the amount of data to encode a single second of your video.

The bitrate setting directly affects both the quality and file size of the video you are streaming. The higher the amount of bitrate the better the quality of the video stream.

📡🛰 In rural areas or in areas with poor reception or connectivity, you can lower the bitrate in the Pilot app to ensure that you're able to transmit your drone footage smoothly.

Simply press the small blue streaming icon in the Pilot app when you have started a stream to 🎚raise or lower the bitrate.
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