Secure live streaming solutions

Our solutions are used to stream video from mobile phonesvehicles and drones. We have developed an intuitive and user-friendly platform, and we can integrate live streaming into your own system. We also offer consultancy and special customised solutions.

Fast and secure live streaming from mobile phones

Via a link in a text message, you can access photos and video directly from the recipient’s mobile phone camera. There is no app, no download and no log-in.

Read more about SMS-to-Video:

Read more about SMS-to-Video:

Streaming from VEHICLES

Live streaming from vehicles

We have extensive experience in creating solutions for vehicles and other environments that require robust solutions.

We can collaborate with your local fabrication company on the overall delivery, to make sure you get a solution that suits your needs.

We can for example offer camera solutions for:

  • Pole / Mast
  • Whiteboard
  • Dashboard
  • Search and rescue (thermal / IR)


Read more about live streaming from vehicles: 

Read more about live streaming from vehicles:

Streaming from DRONES

Live video from drones creates common situational awareness

With the help of IncidentShare, live video from drones can fast and easily be shared  in real time.

IncidentShare offers a safe connection and gives instant situational awareness.

With IncidentShare for drones you get:


  • Recording on a server
  • Multiple options for sharing 
  • Low latency
  • End-to-end encryption

Read more about live streaming from drones:

Read more about live streaming from drones:


User-friendly and flexible

IncidentShare not only gives you easy access to both live streaming and recordings, but is also easy to roll out to your users. We designed integration into our platform from the start, and made it flexible.


  • Unite all your video sources (RTMP, RTSP, RTMPS, SRT, MPEG transport stream etc.)
  • Integrate with other systems via API (REST / JSON)
  • Share securely with colleagues and external partners
  • Use your own browser (requires no client software)

Read more about Incidentshare:

Read more about Incidentshare:

Do you need advice on hardware?

We have extensive technical knowledge of standard and custom-built hardware that operates 24/7 – even in challenging conditions.

Read more about our hardware solutions:

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