New incident command vehicle for Sør-Varanger Fire Department

03 / 2021

Sør-Varanger fire department, in Norway, has just received a custom-built incident command vehicle with a complete mobile streaming solution from INCENDIUM.

VW Transporter

Én route!

With a state-of-the-art vehicle upfitting from Egenes Brannteknikk, in Norway, this custom-built incident command vehicle has a dash-camera in the front and a whiteboard camera in the rear hatch, this advanced incident command vehicle can stream live video to the PSAP to enhance communication and situational awareness.

Whiteboard camera

capture all the scribbling action of the tactical plan and send it to the Command Centre, and/or smartphones of remote crew members in real-time. This camera captures the entire whiteboard with a 102° lens and can easily be fitted in the ceiling of the rear hatch of the command vehicle.


This camera is not live streaming but is used for documentation purpose only. By using a Sony Starvis Sensor, f/1.6 aperture. Whatever is day or night, this Dash Cam will let its function more effectively. The sensitivity can be achieved to ISO12800 to let the screen more clear, bright and guarantee the key image.


Uplink Unit™ is a high-performance dual LTE internet router unit. It is purpose-built for mobility to provide secure connectivity for mission-critical applications.

The Uplink Unit is a vehicle-mounted solution. The unit is perfect for any public safety agency that is looking for a modular and robust router solution. The unit can host up to 30 clients simultaneously and concurrently connect multiple mission-critical video sources trough an encrypted connection.

The GPS function enables tracking of the current location of the router and can be added in your administration tool and, therefore, makes it ideal in the purpose-built vehicles to provide secure connectivity for mission-critical applications in public safety.



The vehicle antenna includes two cellular antennas, two wifi antennas and one GPS antenna. This provides MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) coverage for both cellular and wifi. The Vehicle Antenna is ideal for first responder installations that combine GPS with a broadband LTE MIMO modem as well as a wifi MIMO modem.

Sør-Varanger Fire Department

Sør-Varanger Fire Department

Whiteboard camera solution


Learn How Everything Works:

  • When the Incident Commander opens the rear hatch of the vehicle an I/O trigger starts the live streaming automatically from the fitted camera which is filming all scribbling on the whiteboard. A microphone stream audio so all activities can be monitored remotely.  

  • The PSAP operator, who dispatch all Sør-Varangers resources can immediately see and hear the live feed from the camera. 

  • Thorugh the IncidentShare app, the crew members can monitor or receive recorded video from e.g. the caller or bystanders smartphone so they can mentally prepare for the emergency or plan actions to review the tactics.  

  • All streams are recorded and can be played back when needed for learning purposes or evaluations. This is all done by the incidentShare web-interface. 

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