IncidentShare™ Essential is the two-channel version of Incendium’s market-leading video gathering and sharing software.  You can integrate other systems and applications with your IncidentShare™ Essential since it supports any RTMP or RTMPS stream, and you can access your system from any internet-enabled device. If you want to expand your system with additional features and functionality, you can always look into our more advanced IncidentShare™ products and find a solution that best suits your needs. Start easy. Start now!

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IncidentShare™ improves the communication process for the organisation and all units involved at an incident by providing live video from the scene, and it supports an efficient information flow by giving access to the visual perspectives of the incident.
At the core of each IncidentShare solution lies the central server(s). To view the incoming video the user just needs a web browser or the IncidentShare app for smartphones. No special software is needed on the workstations and the app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. That means that it is extremely easy to roll the solution out in your organization.
Transmission of video to the central server can be done in a multitude of ways. It can be as easy and lightweight as just using the transmit function of the IncidentShare app or using the built-in capabilities of your favorite video source (i.e. GoPro camera or DJI drone). For the more demanding scenarios or special video sources or simply to minimize the necessary user interaction at the incident, we have developed a range of hardware units that fit seamlessly into the IncidentShare ecosystem.
IncidentShare is a user-friendly, secure and easy-to-maintain tool for observation and recording of real-time events, orientation, and interpretation of a situation. Furthermore it allows involving more people that can contribute and support during an incident from their home/office.

The platform has a wide range of useful features that allow observers to see the incident timeline, to archive the most important moments, to view the history of the incident, to download the video feed from the incident and share the video for evidence or educational purposes.


Video channel will automatic start the live video when a camera from your vehicle, drone or any other source starts to broadcast.


Multiple viewers

Unlimited concurrent viewers watching your stream (1 Gbps server bandwidth)

High security

Hotlink protect and ip restrict the access to the IncidentShare site and your video streams and geo-block the access from the the user management interface.


The stream is encrypted for both flash and https

Custom channel input

Stream from any camera or video encoder that supports RTMP, RTMPS, SRT and MPEGTS.

Easy export and share your video

A range slider in the video timeline can be used to select a sequence or the entire recording and download the file to you desktop.

Add Privacy Policy

You can upload your own privacy policy which each user most accept before entering the system. System administrators can push acceptance on a regular basis or when the policy is updated.

White labeling and brand control

Customize the colors, add your own logo and design your “waiting for live stream” player animation in an easy way.


Watch multiple streams in a quad window. Active incoming streams will automatically appear in the multiview.

Floating video player

Always on top Floating Mini Player for IncidentShare allows you to work in report management tools while watching any live video feed from your IncidentShare account. The floating player will pin to the top (always on top) and is resizable (+/-)

Recommended browser

The incidentShare platform is best supported in a Chrome browser

IncidentShare™ add-ons provide you with extra value and functionality

Learn more about how the add-on products can enhance your IncidentShare account.

SMS to Video
A Public Emergency Dispatch Centers live video tool

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Single Sign-On
Remove the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords

AXIS Camera Integration
Control your axis ptz camera directly from within the IncidentShare software

HIKVISION Camera Integration
Control your Hikvision ptz camera directly from within the IncidentShare software

Stream Pack™

A five sim card back pack unit that enables anyone to transmit live video at the tap of a button

Learn more

Stream Unit™

A lightweight two sim card unit that enables anyone to transmit live video at the tap of a button

Learn more

Weatherproof dual router

A small weatherproof two sim card solution for drone pilots who needs to secure their custom RTMP stream over VPN

Learn more

Hosting FAQ



It is a set of servers dedicated to you, but managed by us. We use high performance virtual linux servers for all of your secure video transmission and storage needs in Asia, North America and in Europe. We host your transmission data securely so you can allocate your resources elsewhere.


Among the benefits of an Incendium Private Server solution are: speed, flexibility (easy upgrade when you need more power/storage), no worries about firewalls and infrastructure (we handle all that for you).


When you sign up as a new customer at Incendium and choose an Incendium Private Server solution, we create a set of separate, isolated virtual servers for you. The servers are located in a secure datacenter in a location close to you.


We know that protecting data is vital in Public Safety and have done so from day one. We are experts in building mission-critical applications for first responders and take great pride in keeping your data secure.

Among our tools are extensive use of highly encrypted VPNs, aggressive firewalling, geo-fencing and a security- comes-first code of conduct.



We offer local the IncidentShare software as a local installation, so you can have it on your own servers or cloud and let your own IT staff take care of hardware and infrastructure.


Agencies with very rigid demands on the geographical locations can store their data might need to keep everything in-house. Another benefit is, that you are free to add more storage whenever you like without having to upgrade your subscription with us.


When you sign up for the Self Hosting solution, we send you the specification for your IT staff. We offer a remote installation service and you will typically be up and running in less than 1 day.


The subscription for the IncidentShare is the same whether you choose to the Private Server or Self Hosting. From our point of view the benefit of not having to pay for your power consumption and use of hardware is outweighed by the extra work it takes for us to keep a remote system up to date.

In general the cost for you is higher when hosting yourself, unless you really need a lot of storage and have cheap access to it.

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Video Transmission Equipment

Stream Pack

Stream Unit

Secure and Resilient Internet

Uplink Unit

Aggregation Unit

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