Indencium will speak on Monday, May 9, 2016 when the Danish Emergency Association facilitates a workshop on the use of drones, which usage is developing rapidly across the Danish emergency. Small remote-controlled camera drones can help during both small and large scale incidents and have gradually become an important part of emergency work.

As the Incident Commander’s eyes in the air the drones gives an unique overview in the case of, for example explosion, chemical accidents or rescue missions at sea.

But in order to benefit optimally from drones an expanded awareness and knowledge sharing is needed to inform about the many opportunities in the use of the remote-controlled cameras drones in the emergency work.

Says Bjarne Nigaard who is Secretary of the Danish Emergency Association.

Photo: Thomas Sylvest

“In a few years it will probably be quite normal – even expected – that a drone is despatch in advance towards an incident and use it during the effort. And the potential is huge. Therefore, we like to have more to start flying, the drones are part of the future for all emergency services, “he says.

Workshop on drones

On May 9, 2016 the Danish emergency Associations invites Fire & Rescues services to a drone workshop in Middelfart Municipality. The goal of the workshop is to give emergency services the opportunity to get a glimpse of the many tasks that the drones can help to solve.

“The drones are part of the future, no matter what we do, and the ambition is to inspire each other on the best practice on the use of the tool of the future and how to use the drones in Denmark in the best way” says Bjarne Nigaard.

One of the workshop’s presenters are Thomas Sylvest, there are Fire Captain in the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department and the Danish Emergency Associations representative in the Emergency Management Agency Working Group on drones.

He will provide the participants with an update on the use of drones in the Danish Emergency, as it looks today.

“In Denmark, we are among the world leaders with drones in emergency work. The reason for that is our use of streaming, where we currently are the only ones that can stream live to the Command Central. Within a short time, Bergen and Oslo fire brigades are also able to do this, “says Thomas Sylvest.

Inspiration from Manchester

At the workshop, the participants will also have the pleasure of input from the Danish National Police, the Public Transport Authority and Incendium about the use of drones. Additionally, Chris Rainford from Manchester Fire and Rescue stop by and talk about the experience on the use of drones in emergency work in Manchester.

“Manchester has, together with others like Melbourne and Copenhagen, really advanced in the use of drones. In Manchester’s drones operates around the clock every day of the year and have a specific duty system on the drone, which also is called a high-performance drone. Already now we have something, we can learn from Manchester, “says Fire Captain Thomas Sylvest.

Information about registration and the final program will be available on in the near future.

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