With IncidentShare®, you receive a browser-based video platform that’s easy to use in its own right – but you also get a solution that will integrate easily and seamlessly with your other systems. We have built IncidentShare from the ground up with a focus on integration, modularity and service-oriented architecture.



Use our powerful API, or one of the turnkey integrations,
such as:


Reliable and stable video

Reliable and stable video IncidentShare® is built to provide the best possible quality under all conditions by making optimal and dynamic use of streaming protocols.

High accessibility

IncidentShare® runs at a data centre near you with the highest level of security of availability in the industry. And users just need a web browser.

Fast visual assistance

IncidentShare® is designed all the way through to provide rapid and user-friendly visual assistance. This means that there is minimal lag in the live images, and you are provided with the necessary tools to address problems quickly and efficiently.

Private servers

IncidentShare® runs on private servers in a secure virtualised environment. We make sure you get all the benefits of cloud solutions, but at the same time retain the security of always knowing where your data is.

Continuous innovation

We have continuously built upon IncidentShare®, and this remains our core task. This means we can innovate quickly and introduce new features. IncidentShare® is thus constantly evolving and being improved, on the basis of technological developments and your needs.

Strong API

IncidentShare® comes with a robust and standardised API that enables deep integration with your existing solutions. What’s more, our platform can be combined with a wide range of turnkey integrations. This means you can enjoy the benefits of IncidentShare® today, without having to immediately replace old systems.


Video and other types of data stored on IncidentShare® can be edited and organised in many ways. In this way, the platform can be used for evaluation, teaching and documentation – and not just to gain rapid awareness of a situation.


IncidentShare® provides a host of different ways to share recordings and live video. It’s easy to help each other when information is shared and accurate. Here, fine-mesh, role-based access control is a real benefit.

Get started right away

With our user-friendly platform, you can get started straight away.

IncidentShare® requires no app download or technical expertise, and works flawlessly with all iOS and Android devices.

You simply invite people, either via SMS, e-mail, chat or the internet. Yes, it really is that simple!

Police uses IncidentShare
Dispatcher watches monitors

Integration with API

Integrate IncidentShare® into your existing workflows, share critical data between backend systems, and automate functions with powerful APIs.

User-friendly and flexible software

Unite all your video sources (RTMP, RTSP, RTMPS, SRT, MPEG transport stream, etc.)


  • Integrate with other systems via API (REST / JSON)
  • Share securely with colleagues and external partners
  • Use your own browser (requires no client software)

IncidentShare can immediately be integrated with:

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User-friendly and flexible

Here you can see a selection of IncidentShare® features that can be tailored to your specific needs:

Active Directory

If you use Active Directory in Azure, we have good news! IncidentShare can easily be integrated with this, and you can centrally manage user rights.

Automatic call distribution

Record sessions and save them directly to folders, where they can be shared with colleagues and clients.

Decision support

IncidentShare® can automatically route calls to staff with specific qualifications.

Record video

Customise your own templates and workflows to maximise data quality and enable sound decisions to be made.

Ultra-HD photos

Record sessions and save them directly to folders, where they can be shared with colleagues and clients.

Reliable geolocation

Take very high-quality pictures and save them directly to folders with extensive metadata.


With WebRTC, you will be using an open, state-of-the-art technology standard that is also used by Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, amongst others.


You don’t have to download and install applications on your computer or other devices. All of the features work in an Edge or Chrome browser without the need to install extensions or plugins. We can even manage wearables.

Maximum security

With WebRTC and encryption, you can be sure that all data is transmitted securely.

Protection of personal data

It is important that all our customers can be absolutely sure that there is GDPR compliance. This is a common task that we take very seriously, and one that has been built into IncidentShare from the start and has our full attention at all times. That’s why we regularly commission an independent audit report (ISAE 3000) to assess whether our controls, procedures and technical measures remain top-notch.

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You can be up and running as by tomorrow

When you contact us by email and phone number, we will return within one business day

You’ll get a link sent where you use your email to create a log-in

There is no installation and it is so intuitive that you are using the solution within 5 minutes

If you want to use some of the more advanced features, we’ve created video guides for you that you’ll also have access to right away