Wireless sensors enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are experiencing strong market interest for multiple purposes.

Initiated by one of our customers, Incendium have initiated a STREAMING project to develop miniature wireless modules targeting FIRE & RESCUE, LAW ENFORCEMENT and HEALTHCARE and the growing UAV applications using Bluetooth Low Energy (or BLE for short).

BLE is a recent standard that allows you to send and receive data between two connected devices for remote control, communication or data transfer.
The demand for wireless sensors in fire & rescue, law enforcement and healthcare and uav/drone areas is experiencing rapid growth.

Such applications call for radio links which have to fulfill several stringent requirements, such as:

  • Standardized connectivity for plug-and-play interconnection with other devices
  • Ultra-portability with tiny modules for maximal comfort for the wearer
  • Ultra-low-power consumption for long autonomy

Flexibility for being easily embedded with a heterogeneous set of other components like sensors, signal processors, energy harvesters.

Incendium’s project addresses these challenges by developing an ultra-low-power Bluetooth Low Energy module. 1st phase of the project will focus on IR temperature, accelerometer, Humidity, Pressure, Gyroscope sensors and phase 2 will incorporate chemical sensors to be used in chemical fire fighting scenarios.

Incendium aims at developing an optimized solution targeting the rapidly increasing market of EU’s FIRE & RESCUE, LAW ENFORCEMENT and HEALTHCARE and the growing UAV industry that require beyond state-of-the-art, highly integrated and ultra-low-power BLE radios to monitor their work environment.

Currently, the project will develop a device which can monitor skin temperature, body temperature, humidity, pulse, which will be embedded into a single “antenna-and-radio” miniaturized module leveraging an innovative integrated device platform. All data will be sent to an Android device and from there sent to a central repository.

Adding remote control or data transfer between a Fire Fighter, Police Officer or a UAV/Drone is increasingly possible and without any effort at all for the person wearing the device.

For further information contact our sales department.

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