Stream Pack to Protection Unit in Belgium

08 / 2019

Protection UNIT’s service specialising in drone-based security solutions are now able to stream secure live video from their drones. 

Stream Pack™

Ready to protect

Protection Unit is a Belgian company established in 2008 specialising in the supply of security services. Their drone service delivers surveillance, search and rescue, incident assistance (fire/explosion), event monitoring, crowd control and traffic management. Protection Unit has implemented the IncidentShare platform together with the Incendium Stream Pack to support their drone missions.


Stream Pack™

Incendium Stream Pack™ is a portable high efficiency video encoding device and transmitter. It combines internet from several networks into one strong video connection.

The Stream Unit is an uncompromising powerful device that is perfect for the professional user in extreme situations and the optimal choice for drone pilots and other personnel who cannot compromise on connectivity.

It comes with five integrated LTE modems that aggregate into improved bandwidth and extremely resilient connectivity. An even better connection can be achieved by adding a VSAT or ADSL uplink to the WAN port of the Stream Pack.™

IncidentShare™ is a market-leading video gathering and sharing software which supports mulitple video protocols and you can access your system from any internet-enabled device. If you want to expand your system with additional features and functionality, you can always look into our more advanced IncidentShare™ products and find a solution that best suits your needs. 


Protection Unit

Protection Unit

Stream Pack + IncidentShare


This is how it works

  •  When the drone operator plugs an HDMI or SDI cable from the drone into the Stream Pack it automatically starts a live stream to their secure IncidentShare platform.
  • Video can be playbacked on the incidentshare platform for learning or evidence purposes
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