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National Security & Intelligence


Incendium’s secure streaming suite for intelligence, national & homeland security, law enforcement agencies  delivers, services and know-how for surveillance gathering, prevention, analysis, threat assessment, video sharing and crisis handling.


INCENDIUM deliver state-of-the-art security and surveillance solutions which are deployed by customers worldwide.

With world class expertise

and technology, Incendium has a proven track record since 2009 developing secure streaming for first responders within, intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement agencies, fire & rescue services, emergency management agencies and defense teams across the globe, to meet their needs in extreme environments.

Incendium’s technologies

and expertise in mobile network and streaming solutions enables secure visual communication, even under extreme conditions, such as rain, high or low temperature.

Incendium offers

an extensive suite of secure streaming products and advanced mobile routers for internet connectivity to enable visual communication to first responders with a mission critical need to communicate.

All Incendium products

and systems are developed with a strong focus on usabillity and ergonomics. Reliability and durabillity are ensured by consistent usage of high grade components and materials – at Incendium we leave nothing to chance.



HazMat or CBRN(E) teams can be directed by medical specialist or other subject matter experts


DJI integration – Transmit securely high quality dual bonded drone footage with low latency.


Tactical video solution for special units and SWAT teams can benefit from proper realtime reconnaissance videos.


Enables criminal investigators to leverage the power of live video without the complexities and burdens of conventional technology


Users can access the streaming video by selecting the appropriate channel on the easy-to-use IncidentShare™ App for any in-vehicle video stream


Mobile video surveillance, special observation teams with real-time uplink


Easy-to-use documentation solution for riot police on the ground where video can be processed directly to criminal investigation teams


On-the-fly drop-and-deploy situational awareness monitoring in transportation and subways

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Selected customers we work for:

Danish National Police
Danish Emergency Management Agency
Danish Defence


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