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Incendium is a leading provider of innovative broadband internet communication and IT solutions for the maritime sector.

With a broad customer base, in all over the world, and experience from many areas of the maritime sector, Incendium’s goal is to provide the best benefit for its customers’ unique business situations. We do this by being both experts in this rapidly changing sector, and adapting our solutions to the differing needs and challenges for each type of ship, area of trade, type of cargo, and nature of business.

We deliver internet and management communication solutions which are tailored to your unique set of realities, whether you’re ship is using Point-Point internet, Mobile Connection, Ship2Shore or satellite.

Our security applications for the Maritime sector is second to none and delivers high-end situational awareness in any type of situation.

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The various advantages of broadband mentioned above have different importance in application depending on the nature of the business in question, or the challenges of specific environments.

So although it is important to treat each business case as unique, there are commonalities between our current and potential customers, most significantly in terms of the types of business they pursue, which allows a broad division of the maritime sector into a number of segments.

Common factors are mostly grouped around the particular utility of having a real-time broadband capability in that business type and that environment.


We would like to provide you with an offer for a custom-made solution as a supplement to your existing system.

A hybrid use is also possible with our scaleable MultiChannel Router f.e, as a backup or for the subdivision of the services. Can provide a supplement to your existing satellite system, which doesn’t provide enough bandwith or too long latency (ping) and hopefully help you by lowering the high monthly cost on satellite data.


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Reliable connectivity beyond the terrestrial boundaries has been a source of user dissatisfaction for too long. Incendium is uniquely positioned to transform your Wi-Fi connectivity into positive user experience and create diverse revenue streams on this platform.

internet services at sea have moved from ”nice to have” to ”need to have”.
Satisfied customers and high crew morale onboard your cruise ships goes hand in hand. The urge to share great experiences needs to be satisfied, and Incendium enables you to connect to the Internet on a highly reliable and scalable solution.

Incendium provide crew, passengers and conference guest with wireless communication backed by a highly reliable quality cellular network.


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