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Send out a text message from IncidentShare and the recipient can start sharing video with you within a few seconds

Why use SMS-to-Video?

Bystanders are often distraught when calling for emergency help (110, 112, 911 etc.) and the dispatchers have the difficult task of both calming the caller and of extracting and qualifying fragments of random information. Lack of clarity of the situation and misunderstanding can lead to wrong decisions taken by the emergency dispatcher. If you have spent any time as a dispatcher or in a dispatch center during the processing of a critical emergency call, you’ll understand this can be a very challenging task.ity of the incident, directly via a live video footage.

That is why we have developed SMS-to-Video. The dispatch center can now target the appropriate response quickly and more precisely because of the secure live video footage from the callers mobile phone on the scene of the incident. Since there is no need for any pre-installed app, the solution works with minimal need for user interaction.

Quickly establishes overview of the incident

SMS-to-Video is integrated into IncidentShare, so you can easily forward the video from the caller to the first responders that are on their way to the incident. Now they are better prepared for the task they are about to face. Moreover, the team leader can immediately start assigning particular tasks.

How does it work?
The emergency dispatcher sends a video invitation via Incendium’s IncidentShare solution as a short text message (SMS) and the caller receives the text message on the phone with the private link.

When the caller taps the link and accepts that the dispatcher gains access to the camera, video streaming will start within a few seconds. This will allow the dispatcher to view the live footage from the caller and immediately get valuable visual information from the site. The caller and the dispatcher can continue the conversation on the phone without any interruption.

This allows the dispatcher to prioritize and dispatch the appropriate resources and provide accurate information to the responding first responders.





Sms To Video In Seconds

With IncidentShare SMS-to-Video you can send out a text message to the caller and the citizen can start sharing live video footage with you within seconds.

No Software

Incendium’s SMS-to-Video works directly from a SMS text message and does not require the download and installation of an app. The emergency dispatcher simply sends out a text message from IncidentShare to the smartphone of the caller.

By clicking on the URL link contained within the text message, a secure unique ‘one-time-use’ live video transmission is started.

No Misunderstanding

This real time video allows the emergency dispatcher to see the incident, assess how serious it is and with precession estimate the appropriate response and resources to deploy.

Benefit even more from IncidentShare

SMS-to-Video extends the video sources of  IncidentShare to include live video from the public. Or you can use it as a convenient way of spreading the benefit of live video streaming internally in your organisation.

No Interruption

The phone call that the citizen has started can continue while video is transmitted.

It can be of great importance that the conversation with the caller is not interrupted while establishing a video connection.

No Delay

You will find that the delay is so low on live video that it is synchronous with the call on the phone.


Just like all other video handled in IncidentShare, the footage from a callers’ phone call can be saved and used for evaluation, education, external expert advice, etc.


The IncidentShare SMS-to-Video can be integrated with inbound phone triage systems through our API

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