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The StreamPack IV transmits video/audio and data securely and provides a strong internet connection over four (4) sim cards cellular (3G/4G – LTE), WiFi, LAN  + 1 ethernet WAN uplink.

The StramPack™ IV provides unmatched security and the highest availability for any of your in-vehicle transmission needs and combines H.265 / High efficiency Video encoding technology with top network bonding technology to support a facts based

By combining multiple cellular connections simultaneously, the StreamPack™ IV provides increased bandwidth that enables fast bonded data transfer.

This section provides a quick overview of the StreamPack™ technology offering, including its main features and corresponding product line:

Link aggregation

Automatically distributes your video/audio stream through all WAN interfaces to maximize bandwidth and reliability

Resilient Remote Management

Support can be done remotely via military grade VPN connection with hot failover

Optimal Streaming

The StreamPack IV is optimized for secure video streaming and the IncidentShare platform


All StreamPack IV’s can be clustered for additional powerful internet support

Bonding Throughput

The StreamPack IV maximum bonding capacity for video/audio stream is 25Mbps, it can bond several streams within this limit

Net check

Automatically reconnects individual modems on the router when the modem is offline.

Proven Toughness

rugged enclosure which have been shock and vibration resistance tested in operative environments 24/7 365 for many years

450 Mhz LTE support

The StreamPack IV supports low frequency data modules in combination with traditional LTE 800-2800 Mhz

Rack mountable

19″ 1U rack mountable aluminum casing for easy installation

Powerful Wi-Fi

The StreamPack IV delivers a strong 5 ghz 3×3 MiMo 1600ḿW radios Wi-Fi so you can use your vehicle as a local onsite hotspot.

Description StreamPack IV
Ethernet WAN Ports 2pcs
Ethernet LAN Ports 2 pcs
4G LTE/3G SIM Slots 4 pcs
Recommended Users 1-100
SIM Card Size Standard - 1FF
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11a/b/g/n
Wi-Fi 5 ghz 3x3 MiMo 1600ḿW radios 2
Router Throughput 400Mbps
Remote service access yes
VPN Cloud Management yes
Customizable Mgmt interface yes
Enclosure 19” 1U rack mount
Dimensions(Height x Width x Depth in,cm) 4,5 x 48,5 x 27
Weight 725 gr
Power Input 12 V
Max Power draw 3A
Operating temperature range -40°C .. +70°C tested

Optimized Bonded video transmission, real-time TV quality video

Superior full hd video quality (up to 25Mbps) based on broadcast-grade hardware encoding

Connects via analog, HDMI, HD-SDI or a variety of IP cameras

HDMI 1.4 Interface
BNC (3G-SDI) Interface

12-24v or fixed power

Can easily be installed in vehicles since it’s can be powered by the car battery.

Works with highest quality cameras, zooms, day, night and thermal

You can even connect your drone ground control video output via HDMI or BNC and stream live video from your drone.


Incendium StreamPack IV dynamically routes data packets over all four connections, inherently providing a high level of security. In addition each channel runs in a VPN connection which adds just an extra layer of security and just to make it a little bit more secure we encrypt the data with 256 aes.


The StreamPack IV delivers blazing router throughput with automatic link aggregation and comes with Wi-Fi, making it an ideal choice for deployments that demand high performance, and outstanding reliability in vehicles.


Everybody with a smartphone nows that cellular network coverage varies. With varied carrier sim-cards, the StreamPack IV provides a more robust and reliable internet connection even on the move.

Incendium StreamPack IV provides perfect control of your network with cutting-edge Network Management Services: failover, load-balancing, least-cost routing, shared web-page caching, firewall, quality of service and remote access for OBM (Out of Band Management) for logging and reporting purposes.

Incendium StreamPack IV has up to 4 3G/LTE modems or 450mhz modems.

Configure trough  a powerful Web based configuration interface.


Selected Customers we work for:

Danish Emergency Management Agency
Bergen Fire Brigade
HBR 400x400


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