Dual Charger Kit


Keep your Stream Pack or Stream Unit up and running for a longer time.

NP-F-Type 7.4V 6600mAh Lithium-Ion Battery with advanced technology to ensure maximum battery life and power. Rechargeable Power Smart battery (5V input with Micro USB charging).

No memory effect or other negative effects in recharging. Fully decoded, you can check the remaining capacity, shutter count and recharge performance on the cameras power source info screen. Fully compatible with the Incendium Stream Pack and Stream Unit, cameras, camcorders and charger – also compatible with Small HD, Atomos 7’’ series monitor and other monitors with NPF standard.

LCD Charger

Insert the battery into the charger plate. The charger will detect the load and start pre-charging. When fully charged, remove the battery from the plate and turn off the power. Dual charging port designed to charge two batteries at the same time with a wide range compatibility of charge (8.4V / 12.6V / 16.8V).


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