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Belgian public safety. They provide first response in case of fire, accident, disaster etc. (classic firefighter missions), but also urgent medical aid missions (urgent ambulances).

The fire department will combine the complementary innovative technology offerings of Drone Volt’s unmanned aerial vehicles and camera technology, the Incendium Stream Pack™ and Incident Share™ to improve common situational awareness of the modern Fire and Rescue Services.

The Hainaut Center Rescue Zone supports firefighters and paramedics and protects 28 municipalities from a total of 10 districts. (equivalent to about 5% of the total population of Belgium).
We’re very excited about this agreement and look forward to supporting one of the largest firefighting and rescue units in Belgium with our secure streaming solutions.

PRODUCT: Stream Pack
DELIVERY DATE: 06/02/2019
LOCATION: Mons, Belgium
DISTRIBUTOR: Drone Volt Belgium

Zone de secours Hainaut Centre

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Med SMS til Video får du et brugervenligt værktøj til alle typer af videokonsultationer, som giver tryghed hos både indringer og hos den, der skal vurdere situationen.

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If you don't want you to end up streaming live video to your command centre or observers not knowing that you by default also is streaming AUDIO from the built-in microphone then read this article:
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