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The 1-1-0 Fire central of the South-East (Buskerud, Telemark, Vestfold and Jevnaker in Oppland, Norway) is located in the new premises in Tønsberg. The 110 Central is a fire dispatch centre that handles all reports of fire, accidents and other incidents that come through the emergency number 1-1-0. The region covers 715,000 inhabitants and over 50 fire stations. The control center is co-located with the police operations center.

One look is worth a thousand words

By implementing the SMS to Video system the 1-1-0 dispatchers become the true first responder and with this new first-hand insight the dispatcher is able to send the right level of resources immediately while talking to the caller

SØR-ØST introduced the technology in August 2019, and so far its implementation has been limited to mostly fire calls.

The dispatcher will offer to send a URL link via a text message to the 1-1-0 caller, and if the caller accepts permission, opens the secure video from the caller’s smartphone.

PRODUCT: IncidentShare with SMS to Video plugin
DELIVERY DATE: 30/12/2019

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