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During the Belgium festival Tomorrowland which is an electronic dance music festival G4S did perimeter surveillance with their drones and used the Stream Pack and our IncidentShare™ tool to make sure all relevant emergency organizations involved in the festival could see the live video footage from the drones.

G4S in Belgium is currently working on several other solutions where drones are used, such as the patrolling and supervision of harbour areas, construction sites and large perimeters during events or festivals. G4S also uses drones for inspection tasks tailored to customers’ needs and logistical tasks, such as loading and localization of goods, trailers and containers for optimization of flow and outdoor storage.

Other examples include a security officer/drone security setup for inspections and response to security breaches, varied facility management tasks (roofs, drains, tall chimneys, cables, etc.), alarm patrol response (security officer patrol) and search of missing persons.


PRODUCT: Stream Pack
DELIVERY DATE: 06/02/2019
LOCATION: Mons, Belgium
DISTRIBUTOR: Drone Volt Belgium

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💡In case you haven't noticed it's possible in the DJI Pilot app 🚁 to lower and raise the bitrate while streaming to your IncidentShare platform to ensure a more reliable stream.

🎥 When it comes to video streaming, bitrate is the amount of data to encode a single second of your video.

The bitrate setting directly affects both the quality and file size of the video you are streaming. The higher the amount of bitrate the better the quality of the video stream.

📡🛰 In rural areas or in areas with poor reception or connectivity, you can lower the bitrate in the Pilot app to ensure that you're able to transmit your drone footage smoothly.

Simply press the small blue streaming icon in the Pilot app when you have started a stream to 🎚raise or lower the bitrate.
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Congratulation to Salten Brann IKS with this new state of the art incident command vehicle. Great vehicle upfitting by Egenes Brannteknikk AS 🚒🚨#securelivestreaming ... See MoreSee Less

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