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“We are very excited about having Incendium as a business partner for this crucial innovation project. Incendiums solutions are state of the art and will improve operational effectiveness, cross border sharing of vital intel as well as a being a super effective tool for operational training and evaluation”, says  Per Gunnar Pedersen, Fire Chief at Salten Fire Brigade (Norwegian: Salten Brann IKS). The firebrigade is an inter-municipal emergency service and supports 10 communes, includes 24 fire stations and covers a large geographical area just north of the Arctic Circle. The environment in which the fire brigade operates is very dynamic and unpredictable – and with large geographical distances, it’s a constant challenge to achieve common situational awareness from incidents by relying on radio communication alone.

Asger Plæhn, Incendium Sales Manager comments: “We’re excited about this new project and look forward to assisting Salten Fire Brigade’s innovative approach to achieve their objectives of improved situational awareness by applying secure live video streaming from their two new fire support vehicles”.

This follows the successful delivery of other contracts awarded to Incendium A/S in Norway since 2015.

PRODUCT: Uplink Unit, Aggregation Unit, Incident Command Vehicle
DELIVERY DATE: 04/08/2018

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