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The vehicle, which operates from Gearhallen Command Centre in the centre of Copenhagen, is available to respond to any incident within Copenhagen where incident command facilities are needed. The procurement of these two new vehicles which has taken over from an older unit that was overdue for replacement, is the result of a project to identify the best way of meeting operational needs.

The vehicle’s main advance is, besides a fast response time, the communications, which allow the transfer of voice, video and data. Onboard Wi-Fi capability allows the Incident Commander to link up, as well as enabling the use of handheld devices on the incident ground. The ICV is equipped with a front window camera and a whiteboard camera in the rear hatch from Incendium, which feed footage directly from the vehicle and can be viewed back at the Command Central. The system can also be viewed via VPN connection from any of Greater Copenhagen Fire Departments collaborators. The camera imaging can be operated from the ICV or independently remotely from Command central. This equipment combines a high-resolution optical zoom camera with PTZ capabilities. Footage from the cameras is streamed onto a secure Incendium platform (IncidentShare) from so that the Fire Brigade remote from the incident can be kept fully up-to-date. This will be particularly valuable in large scale incidents.

Video and voice recording is located in both the external briefing area and inside the vehicle. These recordings can act as a valuable resource in providing real-time case histories for Incident Command training. The ICV is crewed by one Incident Commander and is mobilised to incidents if the other ICV is occupied or as support in large scale incidents.

Incendium, is proud to once more have delivered our secure live streaming solution to Greater Copenhagen Fire Department and look forward to see this brand new vehicle in the streets of Copenhagen.

DELIVERY DATE: 06/02/2019
LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark
UPFITTER: Bentzen Autokaross

Greater Copenhagen Fire Department

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