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Protection Unit is a Belgian company established in 2008 specialising in the supply of security services. Their drone service delivers surveillance, search and rescue, incident assistance (fire/explosion), event monitoring, crowd control and traffic management. Protection Unit has implemented the IncidentShare platform together with the Incendium Stream Pack to support their drone missions.

Watch Protection Units video about the Stream Pack here.

PRODUCT: Stream Pack
DELIVERY DATE: 31/12/2018
DISTRIBUTOR: Drone Volt Belgium

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Med SMS til Video får du et brugervenligt værktøj til alle typer af videokonsultationer, som giver tryghed hos både indringer og hos den, der skal vurdere situationen.

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If you don't want you to end up streaming live video to your command centre or observers not knowing that you by default also is streaming AUDIO from the built-in microphone then read this article:
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