New IOS release!

New version available: Version 2.2.3

– Updated for iOS 11.2.2 (including Iphone X support).
– Broadcast resolution can now be changed in the app

You can now adjust specific video output settings when navigating to the frame size in the broadcast menu -> designate an output resolution and adjust as necessary. Please note that higher resolutions require additional upload bandwidth.


In the settings menu you can still control the following settings:

Logged in as: this shows the “username” you’ve logged in with.

Stream ID: if you have more than one video channel on your IncidentShare site you can then see which stream id your username is associated with. Your IncidentShare administrator can change this if needed.

Frame rate: the frame rate is set per default to 30 but IncidentShare premium customers can change frame rate. Please note that a higher frame rate requires additional upload bandwidth.

Aspect Ratio: Choose an aspect ratio of either 16:9 or 4:3. Default is 16:9 and also recommended for best quality.

Latency: Set the desired latency from 200ms to 10 seconds. Please note that a higher latency will give you a better video stability/quality.  Your IncidentShare administrator can change this setting.

Bonding: Bonding of both internal sim-card and wifi network is only available for IncidentShare basic, premium and enterprise customers. This feature split the video dato

Auto-lock: This function is intended to lock the screen.  Applying this function will make your screen go into autolock after 10 seconds. This will help so you don’t accidentally stops a ongoing video stream. The autolock function also makes the video screen smaller which helps you saving power on your device. The autolock is applied per default but can be turned off by setting the slider.

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