CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS – Users from both Norway’s Fire service and Norwegian Police, Norwegian Civil Defence, EMS and Norwegian Red Cross will participate in the opening next week, of their Nødnett in Hordaland, a new nationwide communication system for Norwegian public safety user.

As the prime contractor of Bergens Fire Brigade, Live streaming from Incidents, Incendium will participate in this celebration with a large scale demonstration next week in Vaksdal.

Bergen Fire Brigade’s own Stream Pack will be providing live images to the command central from their Drone (UAV, UAS) as well as to TV-monitors for the spectators at the demonstration site and Incendium will include extra streaming feeds from Stream Pack mini’s and Stream Pack’s with different cameras mounted so a multi-site full scale live streaming can be demonstrated.

Asger Plæhn, Incendium Sales & Marketing Director said:

“We are delighted that the Bergen Fire Brigade again have selected to extend the usages of our streaming platform and our user friendly streaming solutions and we are fully committed to deliver solutions for their needs to support them in their mission critical communications.”

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