On Tuesday morning Fire fighters at Arna outside Bergen, was despatched to a fire started in a commercial building. The smoke wafted across the area so heavily that the police encouraged people in the area to pull away.

The fire was relatively small and started in a large amount of polystyrene insulation materials, said Fire Chief Johnny Breivik. Firefighters normal tactic with an aggressive interior attack was impossible due to an overfilled warehouse and all smoke diving attempts were rendered impossible.

Therefore the The Fire Department brought in its airboat to use the large fan to clear smoke from the building, said Johnny Breivik.

Bergen Fire Departments drone (UAV/RPAS) was also despatched and was streaming live video to both the incident commander on the scene but also to the 110 Command Centre as seen on the images below. These images gives a situational awareness and common operating picture.


Read more here: http://www.bt.no/nyheter/lokalt/Se-Arna-brannen-fra-luften-3625489.html

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