Innovative secure video solution for Danish Emergency Medical Dispatch Center

07 / 2019

The Emergency Medical Dispatch Service in the North Denmark region has entered into a three-year agreement with INCENDIUM, to deliver a Public Emergency Dispatch Video System to improve emergency call-takers assessments in life-threatening emergency calls.

The citizens of North Jutland will as the first in Denmark have the opportunity to use their smartphone to send a live video stream of the patient, without the need of a pre-installed app, from the place of injury to the Emergency Medical Dispatch Service call-taker (1-1-2). 

One look is worth a thousands words
When rushing to the scene of a medical trauma, emergency first responders rarely know precisely what awaits them. But utilizing the same capabilities on your phone that lets you video chat with friends and family will give the first responders a better chance of sensing and mentally preparing of the trouble ahead.

“It is very difficult to assess a sick or injured person by the phone, especially if both the patient and the bystander are in a panic. What does it mean that there is a lot of blood?, What does it mean to be blue in the head and so on. This system will therefore clearly provide greater safety for the citizens of North Jutland, said Jan Lindberg, Head of Emergency Medical Dispatch Center in North Denmark Region.

With the new solution the dispatch center can now target the appropriate response faster and more precisely because of the video footage from the callers mobile phone. The solution works with minimal need for user interaction and it even works simultaneously with the ongoing 1-1-2 phone call.


How does it work?
The emergency dispatcher can receive video of any caller’s mobile phone simply by sending a text message with a private link that activates the callers smartphone camera. -Without any pre-installed app. 

When the caller taps the link and accepts that the dispatcher gains access to the camera, video streaming will start within a few seconds. This will allow the dispatcher to view the live footage from the caller and therefore be able to get an situational awareness long before the first responders arrive to the scene of incident. 

The caller and the dispatcher can continue the conversation on the phone without any interruption.

This allows the dispatcher to prioritize and dispatch the right ressources and provide valid information to the responding Emergency ​ambulances, paramedic or  doctor so they can start preparing mentally.

Given the nature of the emergencies, INCENDIUM has put measures in place to ensure patient confidentiality and to comply with EU GDPR. The video stream is secured with end-to-end encryption so that the video and other data it relays cannot be intercepted by unauthorized persons.

This project is an example of how the The North Denmark region healthcare is going digital. The region recently announced that it would invest DKK10 Million in innovative projects making the Healthcare service more digital and this project is part of that investment.  

More information (In Danish)

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