Yesterday, after completing less than one of day of training with the IncidentShare platform and the Incendium streaming products, Salten Fire Department was suddenly dispatched to a potential large water rescue mission.

Landegode, a gas-mechanic propulsion powered ferry, had suffered engine failure while en route in the northern part of Norway. A distress signal was sent out after smoke was reported from the engine and a rescue team from Salten Brann with smoke divers was dispatched, together with other ships and helicopters to the rescue of the 155 passengers and 13 crew members if needed.

During the rescue mission Salten Brann received live images from the ship back to their command center through IncidentShare’s new public emergency dispatcher video module.

Due to good weather conditions evacuation of the passengers were not needed. The smoke from the engine was luckily enough not related to any fire but was simply because of the engine was overheated and the ferry was able to start the engine again after spareparts was airlifted on board.

Asger Plæhn, Incendium Sales Manager said. “We are so excited that using our platform is so intuitive that the dispatchers, after less than one day of training, are able to use our dispatcher video system and receive secure valuable and real-time information during a critical incident”

How it works
The emergency dispatcher sends a video invitation via Incendium’s IncidentShare solution as a short text message (SMS) and the caller receives the text message on the phone with the private link.

When the caller taps the link and accepts that the dispatcher gains access to the camera, video streaming will start within a few seconds. This will allow the dispatcher to view the live footage from the caller and therefore be able to get an situational awareness long before the first responders arrive to the scene of incident. The caller and the dispatcher can continue the conversation on the phone without any interruption.

This allows the dispatcher to prioritize and dispatch the right ressources and provide valid information to the responding first responders so they can start preparing.

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