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IncidentShare™ GO is the entry version of Incendium’s market-leading video gathering and sharing software. With support for one camera, IncidentShare™ GO is the perfect match for the first responders with a drone unit who wants secure live video displayed at command center to receive common situational awareness during any drone mission or incident. You can integrate other systems and applications with your IncidentShare™ GO since it supports any RTMP or RTMPS stream, and you can access your system from any internet-enabled device. If you want to expand your system with additional features and functionality, you can always look into our more advanced IncidentShare™ products and find a solution that best suits your needs. Start easy. Start now!

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  • With IncidentShare™ GO, you can access your secure live video from anywhere.
  • View your secure live video from your pc or via our free IncidentShare™ app on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Hosted secure server with EU GDPR support.


Multiple viewers

3 concurrent viewers watching your stream

Secure live streaming

Whitelist 2 ip adresses if you like to add extra security, then the stream is only visible from these.


The stream is encrypted for both flash and https

Supports RTMP & RTMPS

Stream from any camera or video encoder that supports RTMP and RTMPS

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Facebook Posts

As the first country in the Nordic region to do so, 12 Norwegian emergency call centres have now obtained a common solution for receiving live video when calls are received to the emergency services number 110, corresponding to the English 998. ����� �

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When a citizen reports a fire or an accident that
requires the assistance of the fire service, the
operator at Hovedstadens Beredskab (Greater Copenhagen Fire Department) can send a text message to the caller with a single tap. The text message allows the emergency operator to watch live streaming from the caller’s smartphone.

Early visual information can be crucial when an accident occurs, and it creates greater security for both the emergency call handler and the caller, while ensuring optimal utilisation of the fire service’s resources.

Learn more about SMS-to-Video:

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