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Capture video and audio securely anywhere with your phone or view live.

The IncidentShare™ app lets you create a robust, mobile video stream with low latency. And it gives you secure viewing of the streams from your colleagues in the field.

Incendium’s Mobile video streaming is brought to the test every day by demanding first responder professionals.

With the Watch capability you can instant play live feed from your drone,  When you need it, live feed can be accessed fast and with low delay. When incidents are unfolding , the IncidentShare app connects with your StreamPack or your RTPM drone feed to provide instant video from the field, so you can get a common situational awareness much faster than ever before.

Product Specification

Compatibility Android: Android Devices Version 4.3 and above | Apple iOS 8.0 and above on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Streaming Method Bonded or standalone 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection
Access Users must log in to their active account to use the application
Storage Data is only uploaded to’s secure cloud storage. No local storage.
Language English


Use the IncidentShare™ app to live stream the feed from either of the cameras of your tablet or phone. Or use the IncidentShare™ app to get access to the live streams made by your colleagues. Draw benefit from the abundance of mounts and covers available for your device

Secure, low latency streaming

The IncidentShare™ app provides streaming with extraordinarily low latency. In combination with the incidentShare™ transcoding platform, you have a secure way of receiving and distributing the video in high quality.

Intuitive and easy to use

Download the IncidentShare™ app from google play store, open the app and type your domain, username and password and you are streaming. To view other streams, simply select one from the list.

All Incendium products

and systems are developed with a strong focus on usabillity and ergonomics. Reliability and durabillity are ensured by consistent usage of high grade components and materials – at Incendium we leave nothing to chance.



HazMat or CBRN(E) teams can be directed by medical specialist or other subject matter experts


DJI integration – Transmit securely high quality dual bonded drone footage with low latency.


Users can access the streaming video by selecting the appropriate channel on the easy-to-use IncidentShare™ App for any in-vehicle video stream


On-the-fly drop-and-deploy situational awareness monitoring in transportation and subways


Tactical video solution for Special units and SWAT teams can benefit from proper real-time reconnaissance videos.


Enables criminal investigators to leverage the power of live video without the complexities and burdens of conventional technology


Mobile video surveillance, Special Observation teams with real-time uplink


Easy-to-use documentation solution for Riot Police on the ground where video can be processed directly to criminal investigation teams

Selected customers we work for:

HBR 400x400
Danish Emergency Management Agency
Bergen Fire Brigade


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