Incendium Stream Pack – 4G on Steroids 

In Europe live streaming from cameras in the field is just starting up using 4G/LTE and the demand is increasing. But in terms of network coverage and rollout of 4G LTE, Europe is far behind the U.S and this prevents most Magazines and Newspapers to rely on mobile network for for their live news coverage. Though the European 4G network coverage lags behind that of the U.S., where at least 19 percent of the country had coverage compared to just 2 percent in Europe at the start of 2014, according to mobile operator trade body GSMA, it’s not impossible to get good network coverage if you just know how to utilize multiple carriers and frequencies.

Incendium Stream Pack allow camera crews to broadcast live or transfer footage wirelessly to its studios from locations throughout the country linked through Incendium Stream Pack.

The Incendium Stream Pack can combine up to four 3G/4G connections, one 450 MHz NET 1,  one Wifi access point, one Satellite connection and last but not least one fiber/ADSL connection into one network stream. This ensure streaming capacity to broadcast from any location in the country.

All controlled by one power on/off button which gives news papers and magazines the opportunity to send only a camera/reporter without the need of a network technician. Network support can be managed remote as well as start and stop broadcast.

The Incendium Stream Pack can also be used together with UAV/UAS/Drones and will work directly with DJI LightBridge and DJI Inspire1 as well as a wide variety UAV/UAS/Drones  which still uses analog signal for video transmission. This video show the quality of a 1Mbit live stream from a DJI Phantom 2 using DJI Lightbridge.:

Drone demo

last week was a hectic week at Incendium, with lots of demonstrations on to Fire & Rescue services in Sweden as well as Broadcasters in Denmark and Sweden and Norway. Incendium Stream Pack will be “on air” within 120 seconds from power on and is extremely stable and can be used in all weather conditions with an optional rain cover.

If you want to know more about live streaming and being mobile at the same time take a look at our Stream Pack and contact us for further information or a live demonstration.

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