How drone are saving lives

FRANCE 24 collected some stories on how drones are currently helping in a variety of different ways; from humanitarian projects to first responder missions. Part of this segment is about our DJI and EENA – European Emergency Number Association partnerships, working with first responders in Europe. Incendium was present during the training in Copenhagen and our Stream Pack which bond multitple cellular networks into one and can stream live video from the drone back to the command central is also displayed in the video.


EENA-DJI 2016-05-18 10.07.37 EENA-DJI 2016-05-18 10.16.42 EENA-DJI 2016-05-18 11.45.52 EENA-DJI 2016-05-18 11.45.30 EENA-DJI 2016-05-18 11.44.55 drones_DJI



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