The Greater Copenhagen Fire Department has ordered our streaming equipment for a total of 18 new quality custom designed fire trucks to serve the Greater Copenhagen area. 
The three year contract consists of Incendium’s routers (Stream Packs) to provide a secure internet (wifi) around the fire trucks as well as for streaming high quality video, a high resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera and our live streaming platform called IncidentShare. 
Visibility is key to safety on a fire scene. Whether it is lighting a dark area at night or providing a live video feed from the incident back to the command centre for situational awareness. Combining the work light telescoping mast with a centrally integrated full color day and night pan-tilt-zoom camera which can be remotely operated by the command center will therefore help the communication between all units.
The new fire trucks will be built on a Volvo FL chassis and will be delivered during 2018/2019

Photo: Greater Copenhagen Fire Department (

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