Incendium has received a contract from Oslo Brann & Redningsetat (Oslo Fire Department) to support customized helmet mounts for their Rosenbauer fire helmets.

As part of a pilot project Incendium have been selected to deliver helmet cameras and a customized mount. The mount is made of aluminium and can withstand Fire Fighters tough working environment and cannot brake like traditionally plastic mounts. The camera is mounted to a custom plate which slide into a helmet bracket. Incident Commanders can therefore easily handover the camera at the end of every shift to the new Incident Commander.

This Custom mount will fit any (fire) helmet and is fitted to support Drift Innovation cameras with adhesive 3M self-adhesive pads solidly mounted to the flat surface of a fire helmet. Flat adhesive mounts can easily be removed by applying gentle heat and will not damage the finish. Incendiums Adhesive Alu Mounts are of course compatible with all Drift Innovation cameras.

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