Incendium deliver an automated recording solution for Copenhagen Airport Fire & Rescue.

The solution allows for automatic incident recording triggered by the yellow or blue light when turned on.

With a camera specially designed for mobile video surveillance and designed by Incendium for mobile video surveillance in emergency vehicles it withstand tough conditions such as vibrations, shocks, bumps and temperature fluctuations and delivers HDTV 720p streaming at full frame rate which brings them crystal clear images, both in real-time and in recordings. The camera is furthermore specially adapted to respond quickly to changes in light levels, ensuring that high image quality is maintained during day and night and can Pan-Tilt .

Incendium’s specialized application programming have automated the recording process of any incident allowing the fire and rescue personnel not to think whether or not the camera is on or recording. The camera automatically start a recording the minute the yellow or blue light is switched on. The camera stops the recording when the light is switched off.
Airport Rescue is often called to accidents where they they respond with yellow light and drives to an lineup area waiting to see if their service is needed. During this waiting the incident personnel can chooses to switch the audio on and off through an “On-Air” bottom in the ceiling of the vehicle so they can speak privately. The “On-Air” button lights red when on so the Fire & Rescue personnel have an visual identification showing them when the audio is on and people can hear what they say in the Operation Command Center.

Incendiums solution helps document fire and rescue dispatch from the firehouse to an incident and during an incident. Airport regulation state that fire and rescue personnel must be on any location within the Airport within 2 minutes from dispatch. Because of that they need to document, for insurance purpose, if they are obstructed from a clear passage on the roads in the airport – Incendium’s customized solution helps with that.

The car has the following features:

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom front camera
  • IOS or android controlled interface
  • Incendium 4G router
  • Strong WIFI (antenna on roof) enabling the Incident Commander to be online with tablet outside the vehicle
  • Automatic start / stop of recording when yellow/blue light is turned on
  • “On-Air” Push bottom to disable/enable audio
  • HDTV 720p streaming capabillities

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