Global Tactical Solutions Inc., a Canadian leading defense company, and Incendium ApS, signed a confidentiality agreement (CA). The purpose of the CA is to exchange information in regards to a specific project to develop a solution for tactical personnel and first responders.

Incendium has substantial expertise and experience in developing, designing, and manufacturing advanced mobile streaming and network solutions for defense, non-defense and security applications. Global Tactical Solutions Inc. has substantial expertise and experience in developing, designing, and integrating critical video surveillance equipment including explosives disposal, and advanced IED training aids to industries and customers within the international defense market.

Incendium Sales Director Asger Plæhn said: “We see strong synergies between our companies. Global Tactical Solutions Inc.’s experience within critical video surveillance equipment and our mobile streaming solutions including customized and rugged link technology provides promising opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to combining Global Tactical Solutions Inc. and our core capabilities to provide incident response teams with proven and reliable solutions.”

Global Tactical Solutions Inc. President Gordon Scott said: “We look forward to this collaboration as a step forward in the providing first responders with rugged and reliable, real time video transmission from inside the “Hot Zone, Cordon or Down Range” in critical incidents.

About Global Tactical Solutions Inc.
Global Tactical Solutions designs, develops and provides leading edge products for first responders at critical incidents. They provide equipment and training based on 35 years of operational experience at the national level in covert electronic surveillance, explosives disposal and CBRN incidents. Global Tactical Solutions Inc. designs, develops and markets high-quality critical incident video surveillance equipment, advanced IED training aids, and provides advanced render safe training to police and military explosives technicians, CBRN response teams, SWAT, and nuclear security teams and their products are used by response teams domestically and internationally. Global Tactical Solutions also provides project management expertise to national level partners and facilitates product development, testing and get to market activities for companies wanting to introduce new technology into the highest levels of response. More information about Global Tactical Solutions Inc. is available at

About Incendium
Incendium ApS develops live streaming and network products and systems for defense, non-defense, security applications, including UAVs and the Maritime sector. Incendium is headquartered at Klitmøller Denmark. More information about Incendium is available at

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