Incendium just delivered a secure in motion VPN storage solution to a Danish National organization.

Incendium’s In Motion Solutions connect mission critical workforces. As the in-vehicle gateway in Incendium’s Mobile Gateway is designed to deliver secure, wireless wide area networking for vehicles. It extends the enterprise network and management to the fleet, ensuring reliable, secure corporate network access for mobile users in the field.

VEHICLE AREA NETWORKING: The solution includes a built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi access point mounted on the service vehicle that creates a mobile hotspot in and around the vehicle allowing multiple devices to connect, reducing the proliferation of radio modems, antennas and wireless accounts otherwise needed.
It allows the service technicians devices to connect to wide area networks via Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi and enables the technician to access secure and classified documents and images from a central in house server via a secure VPN connection.

The Incendium router can be configured with multiple wireless modems that provide access to a combination of cellular data, 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Commercial 4G LTE, Public Safety 4G LTE (FirstNet) and other broadband network services. Multiple radio form factors are supported including USB, PCI Express Mini (PEM) and MiniPCI for maximum radio flexibility.
The Incendium network policy engine enables intelligent switching between networks, based on a variety of operational factors.The system automatically senses, assesses and selects the best available network. Wi-Fi links are protected using the latest security standards and an embedded mobile VPN capability with the Incendium VPN Server which can secure communications for all connected devices and applications across wide area connections.

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