Greater Copenhagen Fire Department with new UAVs

03 / 2016

Greater Copenhagen Fire Department have invested in two new drones. One with zoom camera and another with a combination of both thermal and regular color camera. This brief news spot on TV2 Lorry (in Danish) also features our Incendium’s StreamPack which the Fire Department use for live streaming of both thermal and regular video to their Command Central.

The new thermal capabilities provides a complete new perspective during an demanding incident and it can also be used to search and rescue operations.

The brighter it is, the hotter it is. So the sea is for example is completely dark. If there were a person who had a temperature warmer than the sea, I could easily detect it with this new tool says Thomas Sylvest, Fire Captain and Drone Operator at Greater Copenhagen Fire Department to TV2 Lorry.

The thermal drone had his baptism at fire yesterday at the Bella Center in Copenhagen.

– We launch the UAV and we could easily see if the building structures were warm. And in this case they were not.

Greater Copenhagen Fire Department with new UAVs


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