Fire Department awards contract to Incendium to supply streaming from Incident vehicle and fire engine

02 / 2017

Sønderborg municipality Fire & Rescue in the Region of Southern Denmark (SDB) has ordered a streaming upgrade for their incident command vehicle and one of their Fire Engines with the latest technology to deal with major and prolonged incidents. The technology integration and video up-link services provided by Incendium, is state-of-the-art and will provide a communication hub between the Command Central and the Incidents commanders at the scene for the duration of an incident.

The command vehicle is equipped with a 4 SIM-router, which is Incendium’s custom network solution for internet delivery, which enables real time video sharing even in areas with traditionally low bandwidth, such as in coastal or rural locations.

A front window mounted PTZ camera and a rear window camera extends coverage within the incident ground and allows the situational awareness of wide areas. Designed for use in challenging environments such as a moving car, the bonded video stream enables the transmission of high quality images in real time from any location back to the Command Centre.

With its comprehensive range of cameras and video streaming capability, the command Centre will not only support more informed command for Sønderborg municipality in its own right, but will also service multi agency responses across the region.

Asger Plæhn, Sales & Marketing, Incendium comments:

“This state-of-the-art streaming capacity will enable improved coordination and multi-agency co-operation, enhanced resilience, emergency preparedness and informed command in all environments, now and into the future and the new units will enhance their current operation to ensure they are fully prepared to respond to significant incidents should anything untoward occur.”

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