DJI drone stream live video via RTMP/RTSP

06 / 2015

Since this was post the DJI Go app now has an option to use a custom rtmp setup, that means you can go live in minutes, incendium has created a secure platform for that, have a look at you can go live in minutes using our secure platform prices starting as low as 20€ a month.

The phantom 3 drone comes with an Youtube live stream plugin, but most of our customers working in the area of law enforcement and Emergency Service can’t use this option because of the sensitivity and security aspects in their videos.

The Phantom 3 does not come with an HDMI output as you see in the original phantom Lightbridge and therefore it’s not as easy to get video output as it’s from the traditional Lightbridge setup or as it is from DJI Inspire remote control. Although Phantom claims that they are working on an USB-to-HDMI adapter we wont expect the adaptor to arrive anytime soon and therefore we’ve investigated what other options you have.

So in order to stream live video without using the build in youtube plugin you can use an DJI Inspire 1 remote controller. You will be able to find a setup and pairing video on youtube. This option is proberly the most smooth and easy way of getting an video signal out of the Drone camera for Live streaming.

But we actually managed to connect a screen mirroring solution to our StreamPack and from that connect the video signal to our video encoding. Enabling us to stream live to any desired video server so if you don’t want any HDMI cables you can mirror your screen and the StreamPack will see this signal and then re-stream it to your streaming server to direct to our IncidentShare platform.

So if you are looking for a solution where you want to use Phantom 3 don’t hesitate to contact us:

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