​KLITMØLLER, ​DK., ​Sep. 1, 2015 – ​Danish Emergency Management Agency has awarded ​an ​UAV/UAS/Drone streaming support​ contract to ​Incendium ApS.

Under this contract, ​Incendium ApS will provide ​the Incendium Stream Pack Bonding backpack enabling ​professional ​streaming, ​gathering, sharing, and​ ​self educational ​management to​ ​​DEMA.

“This award recognizes ​Incendium’s position as a trusted provider of ​UAV ​​streaming and mission support services to the​ Danish Emergency Management Agency,” said​ ​​Asger Plæhn, ​Sales and Marketing Director of ​Incendium ApS. “​Incendium will draw upon its deep expertise to bring professional and mission support services to ​DEMA wherever needed, with the speed and agility necessary to meet mission objectives.”

​Incendium has extensive experience supporting the ​UAS/UAV/DRONE operations community​ within Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting and special operations forces and is a leading provider of persistent​ ​​streaming​ and​ secure tactical communications solutions​ in throughout the world.

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