Københavns Lufthavns Crashtender

Copenhagen Airport Crash Tender BR57 U5

Copenhagen Airport Crash Tender BR57 U5

Incendium has been chosen to modify the camera display system at Copenhagen Airport Fire & Rescue’s Rosenbauer Panther Crash Tender named BR57 or just U5. Rosenbauer Panther is an airport crash tender is a specialised fire engine designed for use in aircraft rescue and firefighting at aerodromes.

Airport crash tenders are extremely powerful machines. They offer relatively good acceleration (for such large, heavy vehicles), are able to navigate rough terrain outside an airport area, carry large capacities of water, and foam, are fitted with powerful high-capacity pumps, and water/foam cannons and capable of delivering fire fighting media over long distances.

CPH Airport Crashtender

The Rosenbauer airport crash tender also have twin agent nozzles/injection systems (called “stinger”) to inject a stream of Purple-K dry chemical into the AFFF foam stream “knocking-down” the fire faster. This give the airport crash tenders a capability to reach an airplane rapidly, and rapidly put out large fires with jet fuel involved.

It have an elevated extended extinguishing arm, giving a possibility to raise a water/foam cannon into the height of approx. 10 – 20 meters, that can puncture through superficial structures of an aeroplane to fight a fire inside the fuselage.

It have an reinforced nozzles, called a snozzle, that is used to penetrate an airplane’s fuselage and dispense AFFF to extinguish fire inside the cabin or cargo area.

Rosenbauer Panther Crash Tender Stinger

12.000 gallons of water

At Copenhagen Airport, there are two fire stations, respectively, “West”, located on the runway 04L-22R, and “East”, by runway threshold 30. These two stations staffed by current emergency admissions and categorization of aerodromes. There are as minimum posted 2 Crash Tenders, at each station, and these carry well over 12,000 gallons of water each.

Asger Plæhn, Sales Director of Incendium states. “We at Incendium are delighted to extend our corporation with Copenhagen Airport and look forward to more implementations around the CPH Airport Fire & Rescue”.


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