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Incendium delivers routers (Network Commander) for secure internet connection to Danish Red Cross asylum centers to improve their end-user communication with the State Administration and their day-to-day operation of the asylum centers. When foreign nationals under the age of...


Next generation Stream Pack mini – dual bonding

Next-Generation Body-Worn or Vehicle mounted streaming solution Provides Needed Features, Flexibility and Convenience for Law Enforcement and Fire & rescue. KLITMØLLER, December. 14, 2016 Compact Design, dual sim, bonding, Live Streaming, Built-In Communication Features and Flexible Mounting Options Help...


Incendium awarded Good Creditworthiness Rating Certificate

Incendium is proud to receive the “Good Creditworthiness Rating Certificate”, given by the rating company Bisnode, who has for many years been engaged in international financial analysis and creditworthiness rating awards. Incendium Creditworthiness certificate is intended for the best...


Incendium extends agreement with Greater Copenhagen Fire Department

The Greater Copenhagen Fire Department extends it’s contract with Incendium for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRN) streaming support. “A couple of seconds of live real-time video can provide a clear view on the direction of a situation...


New member to our team

We’re excited to welcome a new member to our team. Let’s make an introduction… Jean-Yves recently moved from Aarhus to join Incendium and has a varied development background. After graduating as Master of Science in Engineering (Information Technology) he...


Repurposed Ambulance for Greater Copenhagen Fire Brigade

The first Incendium customized UAV / Drone /RPAS support vehicle is set for delivery to Greater Copenhagen Fire Department. The appliances include a high specification which a drone pilot would expect from an Advanced Technology appliance, incorporating the highest specification of IT and...


Incendium receives contract for new Stream Pack

INCENDIUM has received an contract from Sønderborg Municipality Fire & Rescue (Sønderborg Brand & Redning) of our streaming system for drones (UAVs/RPAS) including the delivery of our IncidentShare portal with mobile app streaming. Delivery is planned to take place successively and be completed within...


We’re hiring !

We’re hiring ! UPDATE 8th SEPTEMBER 2016 – A CANDIDATE HAS BEEN SELECTED TO FILL THIS POSITION. Incendium is a steady-growing, Klitmøller-based secure streaming and infrastructure provider, and our customers is at the center of everything we do. Our philosophy is collaboration-focused, remote-friendly,...


Large fire breaks out in Arna outside Bergen

On Tuesday morning Fire fighters at Arna outside Bergen, was despatched to a fire started in a commercial building. The smoke wafted across the area so heavily that the police encouraged people in the area to pull away. The fire was relatively...


Incendium Stream Pack featured in FRANCE 24

How drone are saving lives FRANCE 24 collected some stories on how drones are currently helping in a variety of different ways; from humanitarian projects to first responder missions. Part of this segment is about our DJI and EENA...



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