Incendium, Klitmøller MAR 2016 – Bergen Fire Brigade invest in a new SCBA & Incident Support unit customized by Incendium.

Bergen Fire Brigade is home in Hordaland on the west coast of Norway surrounded by rural and rugged scenery. The city center consist of many wooden houses and many have, quite rightly, taken their place on UNESCO’s list of the world’s most valuable historical and cultural places worthy of preservation. Due to last years many fires in exactly wooden townhouses the Fire service now strengthens its SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) and Incident Support preparedness.

Bergen Fire Services have invested in a new combined SCBA and Incident Command Support Unit, based on a Mercedes Sprinter. The long-bodied, V6-engined van has been modified, and is fitted with cutting-edge communications technology that can be used to support and monitor all Smoke divers in any incident environment. Incendium have been part of converting this support unit with state-of-art mobile router technology supporting both NET1 450 mhz 4G and 800-2800 mhz giving the vehicle a maximum capacity even in rural areas of Bergen. Multiple screens can be viewed and operated inside the front area of the vehicle which also can be used for meetings and briefings.

Also installed is MSA A2 Software which is a accountability monitoring application supplied by MSA for real time display of: – persons, team assignments, cylinder pressure including time remaining, low cylinder pressure, motion alarm, manual alarm, battery warnings, temperature warnings, gas alarms and gas concentration.

The communications systems on this vehicle allow Bergen Fire Department to pass messages and stream live, real time data back to HQ. All data will assist in managing incidents efficiently and safely, and undertake comprehensive incident debriefs based on the passage of information and audits of all decisions made, which can only improve future performance.

“This custom-built vehicle will allow us to deliver our services in a more coordinated and professional manner and mean we are better able to protect our Smoke divers at a time of increased risk.”

Firefighting is a dangerous occupation made all the more perilous by the unpredictability of each call. Every situation is new, every structure is different, and there are no timeouts or do-overs. In these hostile, unstable environments, what every first responder needs most is equipment that performs predictably every time.

– This is a significant improvement, which allows us to establish three Smoke Diver teams in the initial and critical phase of a fire. We already have good equipment, but in Bergens narrow alleys, we depend on to get the smoke divers to the incident as fast as possible. If we fail to extinguish the fire in the house it has started, we must “chase” the fire, and doing so a consequence may be that many houses are lost, says Fire Chief Johnny Breivik.

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